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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...with a little help from my friends

In Singapore they call it pai seh. Growing up I don't think we had an exact word to cover it, but it was the feeling of embarrassment/shame for making a mistake or imposing on someone. That's what's kept me from letting many people know I'm a published writer. When it comes up in conversation, I sort of squirm mentally. 'Aw, shucks' without the sense of false pride.

Yesterday I decided to let my facebook friends know that I had an  ebook out there, and that it was only $2.99. I asked them to pass on the link to it.

At the beginning of yesterday, THAGOTH was #397,564 on Amazon and #371,279 on Barnes & Noble.

Tonight on Amazon it's #45,093 and on B&N, #224,395.

This is for my fb friends:


Anthony said...

You friends will keep re-posting it...lets just see how low we can make this go...

BTW: Great read :-)

Michael McClung said...

I hope you enjoy it, Anthony, and thanks again for buying it :)

DilettanteP said...

Congrats Mercer! Let me go check out Thagoth too...;)