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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Moderation in all things

...including political correctness.

Has everyone seen the various iterations of the Hitler video meme? My new favourite is one sent to me by my good friend Christien about a particularly popular bbq restaurant in Austin. It takes a certain skill and wit to do one of these retellings in a funny, effective way.

Of course, some people will never, ever find anything to do with Hitler in any way funny at all. Ever. No matter what. Ever.


Which is sad, really. Just as I believe that the best revenge holocaust survivors could have taken on the nazis was to live a full, joyous life, so too do I believe the best way to denounce the pit of evil in the human soul that makes such things as the holocaust possible is to lampoon, to parody, to laugh and repurpose what symbols we may of that evil. To be silly and lighthearted. And, yes, to be irreverent.

To be human.

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