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Monday, August 29, 2011

Just in case you're interested

I know I said I was out of office, but I decided to do some more writing-related work (not actual writing, mind you, but still).

I have been avoiding doing anything on smashwords because of the formatting and uploading process, affectionately (?) called, both by those who created it and those who use it, 'the meatgrinder'. It just sounded like  a lot of bother for someone as short on patience these days as me.

But I finally dipped my toes in it, because many of my friends are unable to purchase from the amazon kindle store, living here in the Asia Pacific region.

What 'it' did I do, you might ask?


Now, this is not a new story. It's basically the first 15,000 words of Thagoth, which is actually a standalone novella. It's a great introduction to the book, and I've made it available on smashwords for free. So if you've ever wondered about my book, you can now have a free appetizer, to see if it's to your taste :)

On another post I'll explain my experience with the smashwords process, as some of my readers might find it useful as a case study. But today I've got a lot of other non-writing stuff to take care of.

Be good or be careful,



Deborah Walker said...

Great idea and it looks great.

Fifty-ONe-Fifty said...

I admire the fact that you're still churning it out. a.

Lacey d

Michael McClung said...

Thanks Deborah!

Lacey- I'm trying, anyway :)