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Thursday, September 01, 2011

I've no idea what it means

...but 'The Thief Who Spat In Luck's Good Eye' has been downloaded 108 times on Smashwords, and 97 times on Scribd. At least one person whom I have never met read it and liked it (hi Julia!) so I can already call the experiment a success.

Of course I've no real idea if it has bumped sales for Thagoth, as I don't get sales info until Random House sees fit to send me a sales statement (supposedly every six months),  but a rough guestimate (scientifically measured by looking at Amazon sales ranks) is that a couple of copies were sold as a direct result of putting "The Thief Who Spat" out there for free.

An aside- how is it that I can put together a better cover, for less than $14 and two hours work, than one of the Big Six publishers? Easy. I gave a shit and they didn't. I'm actually really happy with the cover. (No, it's not perfect, but it conveys the mood, and that's really Amra there on the cover, the way I see her. That half of her face you can't see in the pic? Yeah, there's a few scars there.)

Now the only other thing I could wish for is a review or two...

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