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Saturday, September 03, 2011

TOC (Table of Contents) for 'The Trigger Reflex':

From editor Miles Boothe:

28 Stories * 13 Returning to the Hunt * 15 New Blood
The Trigger Reflex
1. Night and Day by Michael McClung
2. Hunting Vengence by Steven Gepp
3. Iron Bells by *Joshua Reynolds
4. The Pretty Ones by Angel Propps
5. The Shomer Express by Edward Erdlac
6. Rancho Diablo by *John Whalen
7. Blood Red by *Thom Brannan.
8. 'Til the Sun is in the Sky by *Rob Pegler. 
9. Alpha by *Marc Sorondo
10. The Enemy Within by *Liam Cadey
11. Adaptive Strategies by William Wood
12. Gateway by Daniel Durrant 
13. With My Vortex In Hand, I Boldy Go Forward by Medina Falcon 
14. Our Fields by Paul Salvette 
15. Shock to the Corset by *T.W.Garland 
16. Bats by Derek Muk
17. Emergence by *Christopher Nadeau
18. Drawing First Blood by Kevin Walsh
19. Knocking Then Dead by *John X. Grey
20. Under Construction by Mike Brooks
21. There's Something in the Woods by *Ed Mckeown
22. Intrepid Dawn by *Angela Meadon
23. Good Hit by Mark Sual
24. Damned Pretty Woman by *Matthew Baugh
25. Groundhog Day by Phillip Norris
26. Coward's Run by *H.J. Hill
27. Fallen States by Jason Papke
28. New Fallen Snow by *Miles Boothe

Hunting Season Begins Fall 2011 


Deborah Walker said...

Nice. Congratulations.

Angel Propps said...

Stumbled across this by accident--but then I thought, hey wow that is my story in there and look what great writers are there with me!

Michael McClung said...

Hi Angel!

In case you didn't know, Miles has posted the 'official' TOC at the Pill Hill Press forum, which shows the story order. Looks like your story is #2 in 'The Present' section :)