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Thursday, August 18, 2011

State of Thagoth

Well. After shamelessly begging friends on facebook and brazenly posting a review of My Own Damn Novel™, I also did a couple other things: I gifted the book to two sci fi & fantasy reviewers whose blogs I follow and whose opinions I respect, and I (finally) set up my author page on Amazon's Author Central.

(Niall Alexander, by the way, is a pure gentleman. If you're at all interested in sci fi/fantasy, you should be reading his blog.)

I don't know why I've just suddenly lost it in regards to Thagoth, but I have. I want to stomp up and down and scream at the world at large, "Holy hell, people! Here's a book, good, cheap, professionally edited! Give it a read, for Pete's sake!" I want to make some noise. I want to rattle some cages. I want to do absurd things.

I don't care about sales. I've declared war on obscurity.

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