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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quitting smoking does weird things to your brain.

For example, I have no idea what the hell this is about, but I can't stop laughing.


Deborah Walker said...

Yikes. I couldn't watch that. Yikes.

Jae Jagger said...

sorry. didn't see the humor.

Michael McClung said...

Sorry you guys were put out by it!

I thought it was hilarious because

a) the teacher was *literally* a disgusting pervert (his 'mmmm?'s disgusted me more than some bad makeup, though)

b)instead of showing the student beating the crap out of the pervy teacher, it's told as if it's a lesson to be learned in a storybook, and told in a fantastic deadpan manner that any parent anywhere would instantly recognize

c) the story book itself is along the lines of 'go the f*ck t sleep' and other children's books that are actually meant for adults, which I've always found funny in a black humor sense

d) the little girl hocking out her candy onto the book I read as her solidarity with the girl in the story kicking the crap out of pervy tumor teacher.

e) the cut to the student popping open a glass can of sake (ironically and deliberately chosen because then it's one girl, one cup, stealing the power and animus of 2girls1cup) and celebrating standing up for herself seals the deal for this being deliberate in every way

f)during the credits, tumor teacher and pervy teacher, well, it just shows the company some will put up with to reinforce their own beliefs and desires.

All in all, this was a bitingly funny, deeply incisive short film that savages japan's hentai, tentacle-porn sub-culture. It's girl-power in a genre that puts girls in the role of victim far too often, and I applaud it.