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Saturday, May 05, 2012


Hullo all, Just so you know, The Blade That Whispers Hate is coming along, but it might be delayed just a smidge. Another title of mine that recently went live at the apple store is doing well enough that it's in my best interest to get another in the series out the door toot sweet. No, it's not fantasy. It's a kids' book for kids just starting to read. While I'm more than happy to see a few sales (at long last), I also feel a bit like a chef who comes home and has to cook dinner (teaching young kids is my day job). I have to admit, though, getting to write and have people buy stories like 'Hen Has Gas' is pretty sweet. In other news, at Barnes & Noble all my ebooks combined have been downloaded 1301 times since the start of the year. Not bad. If I only had a nickel...

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