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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I has it. I also have a developing cough and chunky phlegm. Just what you wanted to know, I'm sure. Like, eight hours ago I was feeling dandy. Now? Blech.

I realized the other day that this blog makes it sound as though all my time is taken up with my writing. I mean, I know this here blog has come to focus on my writing, because I intentionally retooled it to do so, but I do miss yabbering about other things, sometimes. But I don't like to talk about my day job, and really I'm a pretty private person. Which leaves the inane. "Tuna sandwich today. They put cucumber in it. I hate cucumber."


Now I'm gonna chug some cough medicine and pretend I'm asleep.


Deborah Walker said...

Me too! Both the cold and not talking about anything apart from writing on my blog.

expat@large said...

I have some Zanax (don't ask). That'll knock you out good.