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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I suppose it had to happen.

So I uploaded The Blade That Whispers Hate to Smashwords, to check for formatting issues (it's currently there for free in all its first draft glory). Smashwords is the only place I've uploaded it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw it was being offered at Amazon. For $1.99.

At first I was like 'whu?' and then I realized.

Some bright spark pirated it and put it up on Amazon, hoping (I suppose) to make a quick buck before they were shut down.

Dude, I'm not that popular.

Anyway, I've notified Amazon, and posted a warning review.


expat@large said...

And it's not really a prequel the The Thief, is it. Just another Amra and Holgren story -- because there are the other seven novels in this cycle to come!

Michael McClung said...

Well technically it is, as it is about events that happened before the first written book. Once the third book comes out, it'll all come out in the wash and they'll just be book 1, book 2 etc. Steven Brust had the same sort of issues with his Vlad Taltos series as he wrote them out of chronological order. Leiber too, with Fafhrd & Gray Mouser.

Anthony said...

Didn't Howard also write out of order?

Loving it so far. :-)

Deborah Walker said...

What a sleazeball!

Michael McClung said...

Anthony, he did. I guess I didn't think about the Conan stories as they were shorts written for the pulps, rather than as linear storytelling intended for book format. Same is true somewhat for Leiber, but those storieswere packaged as books while he was still alive, I believe.

Deborah, no harm done, looks like nobody bought it, and it's off Amazon now. They're pretty good about that sort of thing. My Amazon sales are dismal compared to Apple and Barnes and Noble, so nobody even noticed except for me ;)