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Friday, January 25, 2013

This space intentionally left blah*

What happens when you have a few days of enforced idleness? In my case, the expectation is getting some writing done. Did that happen?

Not so much, it turns out.

Today was a day where absolutely nothing had to get done in my life - a rare thing indeed. It's now 10 pm. I got no forward progress in on any of my fiction. I did edit, format and upload my (free) phonics primer, but that's work that has been done for some time, creatively speaking.

I need to get Amra #3 moving. All I've gotten done all week is a map of Bellarius that I didn't actually need, and only drew out to confirm that, yes, I knew the layout and yes, I'm a sucky mapmaker.

I need to get the Waste Land sequel moving. Zilch.

I need-- oh, you get the idea.

*I can't even create a decent post title right now. I think something has eaten my creativity.

1 comment:

Mark K said...

Usually when I get into something similar there are several possible factors:

1) I'm overly tired.
2) My mind has run out of stimulation in the imagination dept.
3) I'm trying too hard, and as a result, my mind shuts down.
4) External influences, i.e. bills need paying, wife stressing me out, etc.
5) I've become bored with the project I'm working on.

Ok, nothing original, but don't beat yourself up. Take yourself off somewhere away from your writing environment. Do something totally unrelated and relaxing. Pamper yourself.

Good luck, buddy ;)