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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Skin Walker War

Hello all you beautiful people.

2017 has been a long, hard road, both personally and in general, but it has also been a year marked by firsts. For me, it was the first time I've ever earned a degree, so I can't say 2017 was all bad.

I also want to try something new, writing-wise, and I thought maybe you'd like to join in on that.

I'll be launching a new series soon, as you might already know. But before I put the first book up for sale, I thought I'd allow people to take a look at an uncorrected, advance copy for free:

Now in order to make this manageable for me, I'm going to put in a few guidelines:

  • You'll get a pdf copy (also offering kindle and epub files would get pretty hairy for me)
  • I can't offer any tech support: the only thing I have going for me, where technology is concerned, is the fact that I have opposable thumbs
  • Only Prayers in Steel, the first book, is ready at the moment. The rest will follow. I'll let you know when, don't worry. If things go well, I might do the same deal for the other two books. 
  • You're under no obligation to leave reviews, though of course you're welcome to
  • You're under no obligation to tell all your friends and family about this awesome new book, but I can't stop you if you choose to
  • Let's not upload these to any pirate sites, hmmm-kay?
  • If you would like an advance copy, you'll need to email me at with the subject line GIMME. I'll reply with a pdf attachment of the book
  • If you're not subscribed to my newsletter and would like to be, be sure to mention that. 
  • If you're not subscribed to my newsletter and don't want to be, there's no need to say anything -- I wouldn't add you without your permission
  • I'm gonna put a deadline of Christmas Eve on this, because I hope to have the book available for sale before the new year
...and that's it! 

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, and meet the new year refreshed and full of hope.



Steve Reeder said...

Just read this, Brilliant. thanks.

KellyG said...

Loved it, lots of complex world building and characters with depth. Looking forwards to the rest of the series.