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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Candlelit Vigil Cancelled: Expat @ Large Found Drinking

Since Expat at Large has been missing for something like a week now, I was contemplating beginning a vigil (candles optional). However, before I could organize the community and send out search parties (okay, that wasn’t going to happen) E @ L surfaced on cap’n intrepid’s comments page:

"E @ L stuck in strange country (Australia) with only his work
laptop and trying to come to terms with wierd local customs involving
consumption of large quantities of alcohol... Help! send more beer... but not VB

Good to know you’re well enough to be particular about your booze, Expat, though I was really looking forward to having a "E @L Watch" section on this blog, complete with a section counting the days you’d been MIA…

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