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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Sunday Morning News

Latest Headlines:

SPG talks to TNP, but I don't know what she said 'cause I haven't left the house to pick up the paper yet.

Bugis Junction: Former Japanese red-light district. By way of a nice article from the Japan Times Online. So when you go to eat at Billy Bombers, think of the Karayuki-san.

Don't touch the girlies in S'pore, says the New York Daily News. At least not in a business meeting. Wait 'till later that night at Orchard Towers. Then, ask them if they've had their dinner first.


Special Feature Re-revisited: Another S'pore expat. The Screwy Skeptic resides in Chicago, is called Ang Moh Zha Bo by her Singaporean relatives, wonders whether she should come back to the Lion City, and apparently has access to a hookah. Well, Screwy, if you do, take my advice and leave the hookah in Chicago.

Abuse the Machine: Last call. Due to the underwhealming response to the 'Abuse the Machine' Contest, this will be the last week. Currently Little Miss Drinkalot and Cap'n Intrepid are tied for first place, and may well have to share the prize. How they work out who gets to wear the t-shirt on what day may be problematic.

Advice Column: SomethingSticky has a new advice columnist. So don't be shy, just leave your questions in the comment field. You'll soon be receiving timely advice.

That is all.


The Screwy Skeptic said...

Leave the hookah? *gasp* You might as well take away the air I breathe.
But no, really, I 'preciate the linkage. Gracias, amigo.

Now, in regards to Abuse the Machine:
Your biting and intimidating handle would be nothing - nothing, I say - without the alliteration... MMMercer MMMachine. I mean WHO on earth relies on alliteration to be witty [SSSomething SSSticky Thisss Way Comesss]?

...Oh wait, wait, I do it too. Crap. Nevermind. Go on about your business.

The Fool of a Took said...

eh machine save the article for me please. i am curious. thanks.

MercerMachine said...

SS: Okay, you're in the lead. But must be present to win! mwahahaha.

FOAT: Which article? The SPG TNP INT? Okay, can.:)

The Fool of a Took said...

yes, that one. it seems i'm back one day too late to buy a copy of the tabloid. but anyhoo. thanks!

MercerMachine said...

FOAT walks in singapore again! welcome back! Lest ye forget, nospittingnogumnoduriansoreatingordrinkingonthetrainhaveaniceday.

The Fool of a Took said...

wah your avatar so hemsem.

i haven't broken any laws yet (except driving without a licence.. erh. shhhh!) mainly because it's just too hot to move. i suppose the situation should improve over the next few days, when i take my dog out for a two metre walk. joy.

The Screwy Skeptic said...

Very clever, Mr. Mercer, veeery clever indeed. I say if I win, my prize should be free Machine Abuse privileges for a year. Eh eh?

And is that really you in your profile picture? *squints*

MercerMachine said...

yes that's me. Yes it's blurry. Yes, that's on purpose. It's art, and I didn't even have to show any nipple! And anyway, SS, you're one to talk. You have smoke haze from hookah for artistic blur effect!

hey took, how to give article to you?